Known for the Grierson and BAFTA-nominated Story of the Jews (BBC/PBS), Hugo Macgregor is one of the UK’s most respected filmmakers. Born in China, he is drawn to global, complex stories that aim to skew the traditional narrative of history to include the voices and experiences of those who have been suppressed or ignored. As the honorary male director on this project, he was astonished that this story had not been told before. Determined to include the voices of women across the world, he found that working on this series has radically changed his view on what history is and how it should be told.

His credits include Confucius (CCTV); The Story of the Jews (BBC/PBS); Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (BBC2); Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs (BBC2); If Walls Could Talk: the History of the Home (BBC4); and the Supersizers